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  • by Derrell Bradford
    I have been thinking and writing a lot about race lately, and more recently race in New York. I remember when I moved here in the mid ‘90s I thought the city would be a melting pot dream, lots of different people playing and living near and with one another. Instead I found a New York that was deeply divided. For me it was Manhattan below 96th street; where the trains ran on time, the cops were present, and the delivery guys always showed up.

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What you’re saying...
  • As an educator, I am just one piece of the puzzle in the education reform debate—the more voices we involve, the stronger our education system can become. Let’s work together to empower the young people in our city to create a future, vivid with endless possibilities.

    Laura Blackburn
    Feb 14 2013
  • As a teacher, a wife, a mother of four and an educational consultant, it has been my mission to see the academic debt paid to those who have historically seldom benefited from our educational system. When I dug deeper, I realized that marginalizing some, whether they be students of color or students from low-income households, we limit the expectations and the performance of all children. 

    Worokya Duncan
    Feb 14 2013
  • Changing the education status quo to better serve all communities can start with one person. Why not you?

    Aquila Haynes
    Feb 14 2013